QUAND? 28 octobre 2014

$100 000 Raised for Student Success

It is with great pleasure that Mr. Rui Perdigao, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Brigil, awarded the final amount of $20 000 to Mr. Jean Pigeon, Director of La Cité Foundation, concluding Brigil’s $100 000 commitment to the Foundation.

« We are proud to contribute to the success of La Cité students through this undertaking, » stated Mr. Perdigao.  This significant contribution is in support of the fundraising campaign created for the skilled trained center located in Orleans. . 

La Cité Foundation works in partnership with businesses in this field to help La Cité students in achieving their goals whether through bursaries, purchasing equipment or investing in infrastructures.

Thank you to Brigil for their financial contribution, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future!