QUAND? 3 juin 2015

2015 Recipient of the Véronic DiCaire Scholarship

We wish to thank all of the students who applied for the Véronic DiCaire Scholarship.


  • Thalya Fortin (Rehabilitation Techniques and Criminal Justice) 
  • and
  • Karine Charlebois (Journalism) 

 Each recipient will see herself awarded a $5 000 scholarship.  


Thalya Fortin

Thalya Fortin, Scholarship Recipient
Student, Rehabilitation Techniques and Criminal Justice Program

 « I am proud to be part of the Franco-Ontarian community and to be a student in a college that allows francophones from around the world to study in French. »

 Thalya is currently in her third year of studies in the Rehabilitation Techniques and Criminal Justice program.  Her goal is to complete her studies successfully this year and begin her career in a bilingual environment. Her commitment and involvement in the French community have become a priority for her.  Thalya participated in numerous activities and francophone gatherings organized by the FESFO, the Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne  (Franco-Ontarian youth federation).  She also completed the Stage franco-ontarien de formation en leadership – FEL (Franco-Ontarian leadership development program) that allowed her to become a facilitator with the FESFO. In 2012, she joined the Fédération des étudiants francophones (Francophone students federation) in Toronto for a discussion regarding tuition reduction. Today, Thalya is a class representative, tutor, and volunteer at La Mission, a shelter for abandoned dogs.

 She hopes to offer French language services for a disadvantaged, criminal or delinquent clientèle.  Her wish is to give these individuals an opportunity to work with qualified French-speaking individuals and to confide in someone in their mother-tongue.  Through her leadership, determination, motivation and passion for this field, she hopes to contribute to the advancement and development of the francophonie.  « In addition to the significant amount of support in both my personal and financial situation, this scholarship will allow me to pursue my studies in improved conditions and, as such, to fully concentrate my attention toward obtaining my college diploma. Thank you to Véronic DiCaire for this generous scholarship. »

Karine Charlebois 

Karine Charlebois, Scholarship Recipient
Student, Journalism program

 Passionate about media, Karine is currently finishing her final year in La Cité’s Journalism program.  Her dream is to become a francophone journalist in the Ontario region and a communications agent for a non-profit organization.

 A cancer survivor, Karine was involved in her high school’s student government in organizing fundraising activities to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Since 2008, she has organized the Relay for Life in her community.  With the help of the 800 students in her school, she raised over $150 000 for cancer research.  Every year she is invited as a French student representative to speak at a community event aimed at helping students who wish to create and organize a Relay for Life in their region. Karine has also participated in numerous events organized by the Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne (FESFO), such as the Jeux franco-ontariens (Franco-Ontarian games) and the forum entitled « Ta région, ton impact » (Your region, your impact).  Through her high school’s student government, she has organized several events in honour of the Franco-Ontarian Flag Day as well as several walks celebrating Franco-Ontarians in her community.  She is currently developing a blog about Ontario’s francophone community.

 Her record-breaking accomplishments in terms of the largest amount of funds raised in the history of the Relay For Life Youth Program, are part of Karine’s immense talents, one of which is writing. One of her articles has been published in a book of stories written by students.  She cares passionately about the French language, and it is for this reason that she wishes to continue being committed to the Franco-Ontarian community.