OÙ? L'Orée du Bois
QUAND? 27 avril 2015

L’Orée du Bois – Dinner and Conference

In the spirit of collaboration, the Foundation and La Cité’s School of Administration, Hotel Management and Tourism joined forces with L’Orée du Bois to organize two fundraising activities during a visit from internationally renowned Chef Normand Laprise.  

The first event saw Chef Laprise offer his services as guest chef at L’Orée du Bois, where diners were welcomed to take part in an extraordinary culinary experience.  Tickets sales for this gastronomical event raised over $20 000 for the Foundation.  These funds will be used to create a scholarship for students of La Cité’s Hotel Management program.  

During his stay in the National Capital Region, Chef Laprise also donated his time and offered a complimentary conference entitled « Passion, rigueur, succès! » (Passion, rigour, success! »)  to members of the general public.  Hosted by Michel Picard, a well-known broadcasting personality, Chef Laprise’s conference set the stage for a panel discussion with four local chefs. In addition to Chef Laprise, the group consisted of Chefs Jean-Claude Chartrand (L’Orée du Bois in Chelsea), and Wayne Murphy (Program Coordinator at La Cité’s Culinary Arts program) as well as Mariane Weber (La Cité graduate and cook at Le Baccara).  Panelists discussed their passion for regional products, product traceability, the evolution of culinary trends and the future generation of chefs.  The event was sponsored in part by conference partner the Fromagerie St-Albert, and by Desjardins Private Wealth Management.