QUAND? 29 mai 2015

Recipient of the Michel Bertrand – National Bank Financial Scholarship

« Allow me to thank, once again, Mr. Bertrand for his generosity and his involvement in his community. I also wish to thank my professors; Marielle Lafond, Guy Sirois and Luc Gratton, thanks to whom I was able to have so much success in my studies.  Receiving this scholarship is certainly a source of motivation for me, not only regarding financial support but also for my personal accomplishments.  It has allowed me to go above and beyond what I thought was my limit in terms of schooling », stated Georges Kourouma-Koly, the recipient of the Michel Bertrand Scholarship – National Bank Financial.


The $ 2 500 Michel Bertrand – National Bank Financial Scholarship was awarded for a second consecutive year.  This year, the proud recipient Georges Kourouma-Koly was awarded the scholarship in recognition for the highest cumulative average obtained in Business Administration– Financial Services specialized courses during his third and final year of studies.  Mr. Michel Bertrand, an Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager with National Bank Financial, created this scholarship to encourage students in the program to fully commit to their studies, and to support the next generation.

Georges Kourouma-Koly, originally from the Republic of Guinea in West Africa, has had an extraordinary personal and educational path. At the tender age of 6, his parents sent him to primary school in Côte d’Ivoire to guarantee a brighter future for their son. After a few years, and following some political upheaval, Georges was forced to return to his country of origin where he stayed for one year before pursuing his studies in France.  Five years later, he left his home to come to Canada and chose to settle down in the National Capital Region.

 His strong desire to take over the family business, following the completion of the International Economics and Development program at the University of Ottawa, Georges chose to study Business Administration – Finance at La Cité.  This year, in his determination to follow in his father’s footsteps, the scholarship recipient has decided to continue his studies in Finance at the University of Ottawa after graduating from La Cité Collégiale.   Georges has established numerous professional goals for himself, one of which is also to become involved in politics.  He concluded by adding, « Thank you, Mr. Bertrand, for your generosity and this scholarship ».