QUAND? 15 avril 2021

Thank you Mrs. Parent

During the Foundation’s Board of Directors most recent meeting, we honoured Mrs. Lise Parent, President of the Board since 2005, and extended our heartfelt gratitude for her nine years of dedicated service with the Foundation. After serving three terms on the Board, Mrs. Parent will be leaving her presidency role at the Foundation with a sense of accomplishment. Among her many achievements, the following are of note:


• Major fundraising campaign that raised over $2.2M for the Skilled Trades Institute located in Orleans;

• Over $1.9M in scholarships distributed;

• $6M in financial donations to the Foundation over the course of eight years;

• Close to $2M in equipment and services donations;

• An increase of $4.2M in the value of the endowment fund investment portfolio, from $5.6M to $9.8M.

Apart from the Board meetings, throughout her mandate Mrs. Parent has ensured effective and exemplary representation of the Board and its members at numerous events, such as fundraising activities, award ceremonies, and donor recognition events.


We wish to thank Mrs. Parent for her ongoing professionalism, availability and constant support of student success.


We wish you much success in the future!