Lucie-Anna’s return to school

Lucie-Anna Trahan LucieAnnaWeb
Student in the Child and Youth Worker program
Recipient of the Retired Teachers of Ontario Scholarship

 »Going back to school represents quite a challenge for an adult. For my family and I, it is a major challenge considering the circumstances, but thanks to the support we receive, it is worth the sacrifice! »

Lucie-Anna studied in Montreal, where she won numerous contracts throughout the years. After accepting a position in the Toronto area, she and her husband decided to uproot their family and move.
They have three beautiful children, all of which are affected by neurological problems. In addition to their daily routine, they must deal with a demanding schedule as well as frequent appointments with specialists.
Lucie-Anna opened a home daycare in order to be close to her children and in it, welcomes numerous children who also have special needs. She offers a great deal of support to these children and to their parents. She witnessed their progress first-hand and felt a great deal of gratification, as well as joy in the comfort she could bring to these families.

After spending four years in Brampton, Lucie-Anna and her spouse both decided to go back to school. They chose La Cité in order to pursue their education in French. One month after moving to Orleans in the summer of 2011, they began their studies in the Child and Youth Worker program and Information Technology – Computer Security program while their children started to attend school. The entire family experienced many highs and lows during this period of adjustment.

Lucie-Anna admits it was difficult to go back to school. For financial reasons, her family had to make changes to their lifestyle. Nevertheless, she knows that her perseverance and determination will pay off in the long term.   »This scholarship is a great help. I feel that my efforts are not going unnoticed. I am greatly touched, » mentioned Lucie-Anna.

Once she obtains her diploma in 2013, Lucie-Anna would like to work in an elementary or secondary school as a Child and Youth Worker.
 »Living with learning disabilities myself, I know that my experience and my education will allow me to support the children that are in need. » She hopes to pursue her academic studies full-time in order to further specialize in child and adolescent psychology.