New Scholarship: Joseph-Balsora Turgeon Scholarship

The Institut canadien-français d’Ottawa (Ottawa’s French-Canadian Institute) has created a new scholarship honouring its founder Mr. Joseph-Balsora Turgeon and supporting La Cité students.

Mr. Turgeon was the first French-Canadian Mayor of the city of Ottawa, which was then called Bytown.  In fact, he was responsible for proposing that Bytown receive its City Charter and be known by the name « Ottawa ».

Mr. Turgeon was an educator and deeply involved in his community where he established the Cercle littéraire de langue française de Bytown (Bytown French language literary circle) in 1852, now known as the Institut canadien-français d’Ottawa.

The Institute is considered to be the first established French language organization in Ottawa and has become a social and cultural society serving the interests of the French language and its culture.  Today, the Institute has more than 700 members and offers a broad range of activities for everyone, including social and cultural events.

The Institute has committed to awarding a total of $10 000 over the course of the next five years as $1 000 scholarships. Two scholarships will be granted on an annual basis to students who share a passion for the arts and literary culture, and who are also students in the field of communications or the construction trades.  These scholarships will be awarded for the very first time during the 2015 Award Ceremony. 



Picture: Monsieur Jean Pigeon et Monsieur Roger Rocque, président de l’Institut canadien-français d’Ottawa